Holter monitoring

Holter monitoring is used to diagnose heart rhythm disturbances. Holter is a small light device, which is connected to your chest with small round pads (electrodes) to get a continuous recording of your heart's activity. The data will be transmitted to a computer and analyzed after you bring the device back.


The physician might order you the Holter monitoring if you have palpitations, dizziness, lightheadedness, skipped or extra beats, numbness in your hands, headaches, presyncope or syncope episodes, or chronic chest discomfort. It might be ordered after a heart attack, infarction, cauterization, angioplasty and other cardiac procedures.

Preparation for the Procedure

No special preparation is required. Just make sure that you take a shower before you come to the clinic. Do not forget to bring your health card and a list of medications with you.


Our technologist will prepare your skin and apply the device. You have to wear the Holter for 24, 48 or 72 hours as per the request in your referral letter. While you are wearing the Holter Monitor, you can continue with your normal daily activities WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS:

DO NOT shower, bathe, visit a sauna or swimming pool.

DO NOT use electric blankets.

DO NOT adjust the recorder, electrodes, tape or cables.

DO NOT participate in any contact sport (football, hockey, boxing, etc.)

You have to record in your diary any abnormalities/symptoms you feel (such as chest pain or discomfort, pain or pressure in your left arm or upper back, dizziness, light-headedness, shortness of breath, palpitation, skipping or extra beats of your heart, etc.)

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