About Us

All Health Medical is a company committed to increasing independence and improving the quality of life for people with permanent or temporary disabilities.

We provide a broad range of products and services designed to meet the needs of each patient. We go the extra mile to ensure that health care professionals, government agencies and insurance companies can meet the expectations of their clients efficiently and effectively.

Our goal is to help everyone minimize costs and maximize treatment options with regards to equipment and supplies.

All Health is a multidisciplinary medical facility. Our friendly team will always be glad to assist you.

Family practice department has convenient hours and is led by Dr. Ray Zatzman, a knowledgeable, experienced and caring physician. We accept walk-in patients.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation department includes a wide variety of treatment modalities. We offer physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, osteopathic, acupuncture and chiropody treatments. Our practitioners treat sports injuries; motor vehicle accident related injuries as well as work related injuries. We accept EHC insurance, MVA insurance, WSIB and private insurance plans.

Cardiology department offers consultations with minimal waiting time. The consultations are done by our knowledgeable Dr. Waleed Alkanyyah. At our cardiology department we also perform variety of tests, the results are always sent to the ordering physician within a short period of time.

MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) Assessments department-at All Health we arrange various medical assessments for patients that were injured in a motor vehicle accident. We work with occupational therapist, nurses, orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, neurologist, psychiatrists, psychologists and other specialties to get the consultations arranged with minimal waiting time.

Chronic Pain Management Department- many of our MVA patients are suffering from chronic pain. Our physicians and rehabilitation team designed a multidisciplinary program that addresses the needs of those patients. The program includes active and passive therapy, education as well as psychological and social components. Patients’ progress and needs are monitored by a leading physician.

Medical Supplies Department-we offer variety of medical supplies and assistive devices. Our selection includes braces, canes, pillows, TENS units, bathroom safety, reachers, walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, scooters and many more. We are authorized dealer for government ADP (Assistive Devices Program).